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Initial Bankruptcy Consultation $25

A note about why I charge for initial consultations: Objective analysis of your financial situation.

Many lawyers offer free initial consultations. In fact, so many attorneys offer free consultations that many potential clients expect their first visit to my office to be free. I offer a flat fee for many of my services. For other services, my normal hourly rate is $150 per hour. I do offer a discounted fee for initial consultations for discuss bankruptcy which can take up to an hour.

Why not just offer free initial consultations?

When you consult with me about bankruptcy, I do not assume that filing bankruptcy is the best option for you. Think about it though? If an attorney is not charging for the consultation, what went into that decision?  The attorney might have decided that the most important thing was to get you in the door. Once you are in, the attorney can sell you services. If the attorney does not succeed in convincing you to file bankruptcy, then he or she has just spent an hour time for nothing. As far as I am concerned, this puts the attorney in the very first meeting with you with a conflict of interest. Your interest is to obtain objective advice about available options to deal with your financial problems. The attorney’s interest is to sell you bankruptcy services.

What makes us different?

My perspective is different. I am being paid $25 for my time to learn about your situation and give you my best advice regarding what to do to address your problems. If we decide together that the best option for you is to file bankruptcy, then I credit the $25 consultation fee against the flat fee I charge for bankruptcy.  If we decide bankruptcy is not the best option, then I have still been paid for my time in rendering objective advice.  When people ask me what I think they should do, I try to always remind them that I have an interest in selling you a bankruptcy.  My dad always said, “Everyone has an ax to grind.” What he meant by this was that whenever you are dealing with someone, you need to keep in mind what their financial motivation or self interest is.  I am still going to make more money if you hire me to do a bankruptcy.  But, with the $25 consultation fee, I feel more comfortable about spending my time with you and recommending other options.

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