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Mission Statement for The Law Office of Justin A. Steele, LLP – Bloomington Bankruptcy Lawyers

  1. The Law Office of Justin A. Steele firmly believes that the more you know about your legal problems and the possible outcomes, the more likely you are to make the best decision. With that mentality, Mr. Steele strives to provide the most thorough legal advice possible and works constantly to provide the highest levels of legal services.
  2. This desire to provide legal advice that provides value and honest representation has brought Mr. Steele to practicing Bankruptcy. Where a person in need can make a fresh start and chart another future.
  3. Mr. Steele is most interested in the areas of the law that combine business, family, and technology. Mr. Steele works to resolve issues using systematic solutions that provide the best possible outcome for his clients. Although Mr. Steele focuses primarily on civil litigation, family law and traffic defense, he is a diligent attorney and will research any area of the law or point you in the direction that can competently handle your legal problem. Additionally, Mr. Steele is heavily involved in growing a legal community that helps indigent members in the greater Indianapolis and Bloomington area.
  4. While our firm is formally based in Bloomington, Indiana, Mr. Steele covers all of southern Indiana, including Marion County.

Justin Steele

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The Law Office of Justin A. Steele, LLP

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. Click here for information regarding fees and required disclosures.

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